The treat of the future!

Okay that’s a bit dramatic of a title, but I wanted to share the new treat I stumbled onto today: beet pulp pellets. They’re already a part of Paige’s regular diet so we had them around. Kricket was looking really adorable and hungry (big surprise) while watching Paige finish her dinner. I used to keep treats in my tack trunk but since I already feed the horses twice a day, I find few opportunities where I feel the need to treat them. I felt the need then, though, and turned to the nearest trash can of feedstuffs.

Beet pulp pellets are larger than normal feeds. If you’ve ever fed the extruded peppermint treats, they are about that size. The extra perk? Super healthy. It’s a highly digestible form of fiber and low in sugar. They don’t care that it isn’t sugary. It’s still special!


About maremother

I am a wife, designer and mother of 4. (Two horses, a dog and a cat.) I am always attempting to find new and better ways to make my family happy and healthy. This usually involves boring the crap out of my husband with information about natural horse care.
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