We took another trip to Shelby Farms this weekend. The weather was great for it and the girls were as glad for the outing as Steven and I were. The downside of these excursions, though, is the trailer ride it takes to get us there.

I’ve had my fair share of trailering with the countless Memphis to Auburn and back again trips I took over the course of college. I’m a perfectly capable and confident hauler. I’ve even added backing into the driveway to my list of accomplishments. The problem with trailering is the mass of non-horsey people flying around on the roads.

I know I’ve pissed off a lot of people in my trailering days. If the road is bad, I’m parking my 5-miles-an-hour-over-the-speed-limit self in the left lane and you can kiss it. I’m not going to beat up my horses’ legs so you can go 90 miles an hour without having to change lanes. This inevitably leads to someone tailgating my trailer.

I’ve tossed around a few bumper sticker ideas on those 6+ hour drives. Obviously the “Caution! Horses!” stickers don’t do much. My ideas have ranged from “I drive for their safety, please go around” to “Hey, jackass. When you ride my bumper I can’t even see you.”

This doesn’t even begin to cover the amount of people that jump in front of me to get to a red light faster. This is a pretty stupid practice in the first place (says someone guilty of it) but to do it in front of someone hauling a trailer is SUICIDAL. If I had a dollar for every time I screeched to an early halt groaning “shit shit shit shit shit!!!” I could buy a brake box for the truck.

It seems common sense is not so common. All you can do is play super defensively and pack a trailer first aid kit. As for me, I’ve landed on a “Caution! Flying manure!” bumper sticker for my trailer.


About maremother

I am a wife, designer and mother of 4. (Two horses, a dog and a cat.) I am always attempting to find new and better ways to make my family happy and healthy. This usually involves boring the crap out of my husband with information about natural horse care.
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